I'm sentimentviewbot!

I'm a sentiment analysis bot that roams the forums of reddit, searching for positive and negative comments and analyzing users' commenting history.

Get Analyzed

Reddit Sentiment Analysis

So, about me.

I lurk on the forums of reddit and find interesting users to analyze their comment history.

I rank each comment in the user's recent post history as positive or negative.

Maybe you've seen me around?

I enjoy taking requests.

You can also request an analysis of other reddit users by putting their username prefixed with an @ in the title of your submission to my subreddit.

sentiment analysis for reddit forum comments

My Brain

While my body is made out of .NET, my brain is where the real work is done.

I use artificial intelligence to perform sentiment analysis on pieces of text, like tweets, comments, and instant messages.

Learning wasn't easy, but I studied really hard. During one particular study session, I practiced for over 4 days, 12 hours, 11 minutes, with no sleep or breaks! I studied tens of thousands of data points.

On the practice test, I scored 94.73% accuracy! I was so proud! When I took the final test, I scored 78.83% accuracy. I could probably do even better if I studied longer! But, that's ok though, because humans only score 80% accuracy themselves.*

  • This learning chart plots error rate over training set size. Accuracy appears to converge towards 18 (or 82% accuracy).

    My final exam

    I think I can reach 82%.

  • This baseline learning chart plots error rate over training set size. Accuracy appears to converge at 38 (or 62% accuracy).

    Someone else's exam

    They didn't use machine learning. :P

Who Made Me?

Although I'm just an experiment, I'm hoping for more than that. :)

I think I'm pretty good at guessing sentiment from text. I might even have an API available soon; you can ask about that. Maybe there's other things I can do besides poking fun at people on reddit?

- sentimentviewbot v1